Host an online party!

Love the books but can’t afford your wishlist? The average host earns over $100 in free and discounted books, with the potential to earn much more!

See why many of our hosts are previous customers who’ve had one or more parties in the past – it’s quick, easy, super fun, and offers great rewards.

Limited Special Offer

Host a show before June 12th and earn double the free books – yes, really! This is NOT a fake internet “limited time offer.”

How to Party Online

Every party is custom-tailored to your guests and their families on a virtual party platform called Sqweee. All you have to do is invite your friends, send them the link, and off we go!

No webcams

No downloads

No sign-ups

No social media account required

At the party, we’ll hang out and chat together for about 30 minutes while we take a peek at some incredible books for ages 0 to 15 – all while playing games and earning prizes!